Casual Fashion for Men – 2013

A new spring season begins and everyone is interested in new trends and fashions that will be used during the next twelve months … And for this reason, we want to offer our advice to all those occasions that require an elegant, yet casual.

Casual fashion can be considered a neutral, not necessarily changing from year to year or from season to season. But it is a style that can be used throughout the year, or even several years, and that will always make you look good.

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Our advice for a casual spring summer 2013 is as follows:

  • Dress pants (not suit): maybe typical Dockers style, short or long crotch according to taste and convenience, but plain colors. No scratches, no pictures, no designs. Use simple neutral colors like black, gray, or khaki. Do not use pastel colors (green, blue, yellow, pink, etc.). Keep in dark or light, but natural.
  • Shirts: Use light or dark colors. Here we make no distinction with the designs, so if you like striped shirts or checkered, it’s perfect. The only thing we would recommend as maximum is to highlight the collar.
  • Jacket: Use a jacket (sport jacket) to contrast with the pants and highlight the color of the shirt. Combine your pants with a jacket with an opposite color or a gradient color finishing. That is, for instance, khaki pants may combine with a dark brown jacket.
  • Shoes: Yes, shoes, no sneakers. Wear shoes with the same color as the belt. In general we will use black or brown shoes.

With these tips you’ll be dressing a casual style for any occasion that you need.

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