Cool trends for winter, spring and summer 2015

Many of us are interested in how will be the guided trends in the fashion world. The purpose of this post is, of course, to help those people who want to enjoy a contemporary and elegant look. Here, you will find inspiration to make the potential daily combinations easier.

A bold set, but well-dressed to attend the last Golden Globes event.

blue blazer

I would like to start with a very striking model, reserved for galas and special events, dressed by the famous actor Jared Leto. The combination consists of an electric blue blazer with a very modern style, characterized by very wide lapels. The closure, consists of two black buttons that blend perfectly with bow tie. The sleeves’ length, even being a very personal choice, are perfect. As you can appreciate in the picture, you can see a band between 0.5 and 1 cm of his white shirt.

A white shirt that stands out for its successful simplicity, to avoid overloading the whole global outfit and that combines perfectly with the detail of the white flower in his lapel. Its simple open collar is perfect to wear this bowtie.

The lower part of the set is full of small details. We start with the black straight pants style matching the black bowtie and buttons. Then, I would like to pay a lot of attention to the electric blue socks. Dressing a flashy socks is an option that few people dare to wear. In this case, combined with the same color as the jacket, they are perfect. Finally, we cannot forget these slippers with sequins.

A totally classic navy blue with light gray pinstripe jacket

casual outfit

On this occasion, we’re seeing a much more casual outfit worn by Colin Farrell. In this case, we see how we can combine a totally classic navy blue with light gray pinstripe jacket with jeans and a simple gray shirt.

Truly, in many publications, we can see these celebrities wearing totally impossible looks for us. That is, if we copy the extravagant sets of many famous and we go to show it on the street, surely the criticism that we will receive it will not certainly be the one they receive. So, when combining, be careful you don’t overdo it!

Masculinity and elegance

classic suits

Having a look at this picture, it conveys me feelings like class, masculinity and elegance that few images have given me lately. We will analyze how it transmits these feelings.

First of all, we should have to consider the direction that is taking the market when showing their products in a model. Recently, it has been opened a market that, until nowadays, it was completely unknown, shooting outdoor scenes and all-natural poses, as if they were normal users. This feature, makes the pictures absolutely natural.

We start with the one that wears a checkered suit with different sizes for its  squares. It’s light gray color for the base and dark gray for the lines. A classic fabric that, when dressed in a current style suit, can give a perfect result, as you can see. The jacket has wide lapels and two buttons closure perfectly combined with a crossed vest with also wide lapels and six buttons fastening configuration. It’s also good to mention one surprising detail: the diagonal cut applied at the bottom of the garment.

The light blue and white striped shirt has a simple open collar and blends perfectly with the dark blue coat. The brown tie and the chain of the vest tie up one set to consider for this winter.

In the right one, we have gray suit that is a little bit more classic. A medium gray for a suit with wide lapels is also a tendency to take into account in future seasons. The vest, with the same tonality, is simple and has a straight 6-button closure. The light blue shirt and brown tie are perfectly matching with the aesthetics of the whole set.

In resume, two sets to take into account.

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