FIFA Golden Ball 2014-15

A surprising event, but always elegant

Taking advantage of the FIFA World Best Player 2014-15 (FIFA Golden Ball), where it was given the world’s best men and women players award, I would like to analyze the outfits that candidates dressed in this event and about the historic polemical for the journalism and society in general.

Messi's Tuxedo

I would like to start with the model that Leo Messi, the player that, in the past years, also dressed outfits that were motif to talk about.

Leo Messi wears a burgundy tuxedo, an unusual suit to wear in this type of event, where colors like dark blue and black are more traditional ones. It’s still stranger the texture of the fabric, more than the color, which is irregular and shiny  and looks as if it’s cover with bright. We have to emphasize the combination with the black color, which can be seen on the lapel’s border and on the buttons. These are those small visible details that make the custom garments to be special. The same pattern of features looks inside jacket. The only difference is that vest’s buttons are lined in silk, the same material as for the edge of the lapel.

The inner black shirt stands out because of its hiding buttons, an option we can find in our 3D designer. Thanks to our configurator, everyone can customize shits and suits with endless options, so they’ll look like unique pieces made for each person. The collar, combined with a bow tie of the same main fabric as the tuxedo, is an option that can also be found in our configurator.

A set that, with no doubt, people will talk about it in the coming days as it happened in previous years.

The current winner’s tuxedo of FIFA Ballon d’Or 2014-15

Cristiano Rondaldo's Tuxedo

The model of the current winner of the Golden Ball 2014-15, Cristiano Ronaldo, is a tuxedo, a style more classic than the previous model. A tuxedo that can be found in our collection.

It’s one of the finest outfits, stood out for the combination of colors, like blue (base of the garment) and black (accessories and lapel’s color). A two-button tuxedo that is combined perfectly with a four buttons vest of the same color as the outer base: blue.

The inner part is composed by a solid white shirt. As in this type of combinations, buttons can also be worn in black. The collar that shows a black bow tie is from a classical style, a kind of collar that can be dressed with accessories like, in this case, a bow tie and tie.

An outfit that may be less controversial than the last, but not least elegant. It will be a safety choice.

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