Making a perfect Gin Tonic:

Life is full of details.  It’s really important to know how to wear a perfect custom tailored suit in combination with a nice pair of shoes and a custom shirt as well to create the perfect outfit.

But in our today’s post, instead of talking about suits and shirts trends, which is what we usually do, we want to give a different style. We want to talk about the drink that we have to order at any celebration. As we’ve said in the beginning, small details make the difference, and drinking one or another kind of drink, it can give distinction to us.


We will start making a small listing about the 5 most important gins. We will order them according to the price / litter, that is to say, we will count gins, depending on the market price, from the most exclusive to the most economic one.

  • In the 1st. place, we find the nº209 Gin. Its cost is 70€/l. Such an original name comes from one distillery in California. As we can see, its origin is American. This Gin is part of the most luxury gins in the market. It’s considered one of the best because it has to pass through 5 distillations, getting a perfect result and arriving to the top of the gins.

gin N209

  • In the second place, we find G’Vine Gin. Its price is around 54€/L. It comes from France and it passes through 4 distillations. It has a soft impact in the mouth and flowers aroma and, for this reason, some people who are used to drink traditional gins, they don’t like it very much. However, it’s considered one of the best gins in the market, usually winning the most important awards in the world.

GVine gin

  • In the third place we have Brockmans Gin. Its price is around 49, 94€/L. It comes from England, like the second gin that we’ve talked about, and it passes through 4 distillations. The main feature is that the alcohol level is less than the average; for this reason it’s much easier to drink, but it doesn’t mean that it loses its personality and its intense red fruit flavour. It’s the perfect Gin to drink in the nighttime.

brockmans gin

  • The fourth one is Junipero Gin. Its price is 48,78 €/L and it’s an American Gin. Its principal feature is the high graduation of 49,3%, which is considered one of the strongest in the market, with a distinctive taste giving to this gin a unique personality. The strong juniper smell (caused by the high graduation) with the soft aromatic herbs flavour, it has won the admiration from the fussiest mouths.

junipero gin

  • Finally, but being the cheapest one doesn’t means this gin is low quality, we find one of the limited edition gins from Hendrick’s, priced from 47, 14€/L. We can find its principal feature in the distillation which is made with rose infusions from Bulgaria with cucumber. For this reason, there are a lot of waiters using this gins with a piece of cucumber instead of using lemon for their combinations. In this case, the cucumber utilization is perfect to stand out the distillations flavour.

hendrick's gin

We’ve made a review to look into the 5 most important gins. We’ve mentioned some small features of each gin, because we want to let you know that there are different kind of gins, without having to give you technical details, because there are other specialized blogs where we can find those technical details and deeper explanations that give us scientific contributions of their working.

Once we know which gin we have to choose, it’s the moment to know the appropriate tonic water because, in the combination, it’s really important to select the best elements. Below we will enumerate and explain the best tonic water to make our custom Gin Tonic:

  • We begin with Fever-Tree Tonic. It’s one of the best considered, even some of the best chefs in the world recognize it as the best tonic water to combine with gin. This tonic water is made in England and one of the principal features that made this tonic become one of the best in the world is that it’s neither too much bitter nor too much gasified, with citric fragrance and some sweetness.

fever tonic

  • Q-tonic is another Premium brand that has been elaborated with Andes Quinine and one of its composition properties that makes it different from the others tonic waters is the low quantities of sugars and calories. It’s a really important feature if we are taking care of our shape. This is a perfect tonic water if we want to get a bitter taste in our combined drink because its composition allows the mixer to emphasize the strong taste of the gin.


  • However, if we want to get a different taste, less bitter, the Fetimans tonic water, made in UK, is offering us more herbal taste with its gas content.

fentimans tonic

Once we know about the three premium tonic water, which are considered the best of the world, now we’re going to talk about one non-premium tonic water, which is still the most used to make a combined drinks with gins. We’re talking about Schweppes Tonic Water. So many people are thinking this it’s a unique tonic although it’s made in huge quantities.

This brand is the number 1 when we’re talking about units sold, and it didn’t want to be away from this premium group; for this reason, they have created 3 really different new tonic waters, getting an original style.

Now, it’s the moment to choose the brands that can adapt better to your taste, making us enjoy any celebration with a great style.

We don’t want to finish this post only enumerating the brands and the possible combinations. For the bravest, we want to explain how to do the perfect Gin Tonic. So, we will not only know what we can order, but we will know how to surprise our friends.

Making a perfect Gin Tonic:

In first place, before we start, we have to find our perfect cup. We recommend the cup that we can see in the picture below. We need this kind of cups because the gins needs to be oxygenated to release all its fragrance.

perfect gin-tonic

Once we find the perfect cup, we have to use the following mix: Lime or Lemon, Ice cubes, Gin and Tonic water. We took a really basic ingredients that everybody have at home. Later we will explain how to make a harder combined drinks.

Well, now everything is ready we have to get the cup cold. It should be between 2 to 4 degrees and we have to fill the cup with ice cubes and move smoothly without getting the ice out of the cup. With this movement we will get the cup to perfect temperature easily. It’s really important to get good quality ice and we have to avoid it to melt fast because nobody likes a watery Gin Tonic. For this reason it’s really important to not forget this point.

At this moment, we get our cup full of ice cubes and in a perfect temperature. Now is the moment to use the lime or lemon. Do not use derived juices because it will not be the same; use always natural products. We have to cut the lemon skin and scrub it through the edge of the cup and,  finally, we should to drop it inside the cup. We can also cut a piece of lemon and drop it inside just to decorate the mixer, so that we will give a nice style to our combination.

Now our Gin Tonic is almost ready and it’s time to choose our favourite gin We have to say that if you choose some gins we talked before, you will have more possibilities to impress your friends.

It’s time to pour our selected gin in the cup carefully as we are serving a stylish Gin Tonic, not a normal combination. It’s important to serve the gin from the right distance taking care of the splashes and making rounds with the cup.

We get to the last step: mix our Tonic Water. We can talk a lot about this because, actually, everybody is using that famous instrument to making the tonic pass through it. By doing it, they serve the tonic water carefully to avoid losing the carbonic’s power. Unfortunately, now we know that this is not true, this is more visual rather than effective act, because truly, making this, we lose carbonic up to 25%.The only thing we can use to get the perfect result is to introduce a spoon inside of the bottle and let the tonic get out carefully. This is the only way to avoid the impact.

Finally, and to get the final details in our Gin Tonic, we recommend to move the cup carefully to get permanent and nice bubbles.

If your follow these steps, and with a little practice, you will see how you really improve in a short term the way to create amazing Gin Tonics.

You can show your stylishness through your clothes with a nice suit and with your acts.


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