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Knowing how to combine colors in clothing is an art. It’s not just a matter of choosing a random jean and a shirt that “combine with everything”. That’s for those who are content to be average. If you want to distinguish from the rest and stand out, there are a number of rules that you should consider when choosing clothes and combine their colors properly.

Choose colors that fit good

Tonalities similar to the tone of your skin tend to be bland. Darker skins look great with bright, contrasting, and white colors. Instead, pastel and dark brown tones add appeal to clear skin tones. Do you want a tip that some women perceive? Wear a shirt that match with the color of your eyes.

Get comfortable

The key is to avoid anything that you would dress for a tipical business, or whatever it would make you feel too dressed in your favorite bar. A loose black Hugo Boss pants could be a good idea. A pair of straight leg jeans would also be a good option. You can combine that with a colorful cotton blue striped shirt. For something more formal, add a jacket or a sport coat like Polo’s (without any front pocket).

Some rules to combine clothes

Try to wear neutral garments, such as black or denim, and try to keep two colors per suit. Do not mix similar tones; just the contrary, look for the contrast. When combining patterns, make sure they are from different sizes. For example, if you use a shirt with thin vertical stripes, use a tie with big designs.

Pants and shoes

An example for usual combinations is black pants with black shoes. However, you can also make good color combinations between these two pieces. For example, navy blue pants are better with caramel or dark brown shoes rather than black; you can also perfectly combine sorrel brown pants with green sneakers; jeans are more flexible and they can be matched with more colors as, for example, red sneakers. If you can, try to avoid combining the same color for pants and shoes (unless you’re wearing a suit) because it’s better to give a little bit of colorful to the whole set.

The strap (or belt) should always match the color of the shoes

It’s not enough to have a black or brown belt. You need a precise combination in finishing and color, even in buckle styles, for each pair of shoes you have. When you buy a new pair of shoes, go to the straps’ (or belt’s) rack and look for one that matches them.

Guidelines for striped clothes

When you are wearing two garments with the same kind of pattern (two striped pieces or two similar designs) make sure they are from different scales. If the stripes in the suit are thin stripes, on your tie they should be wider, and vice-versa. Conversely , if you want to combine two different patterns, make sure they are from the same scale. For example, a suit with large squares require a tie with wide stripes; a shirt with very thin lines should be combined with a tie with small squares.
You can combine three design patterns for the shirt, the tie and the suit, but you will need to have a really good taste. Do not be shy if you are going to do it; if you need to think about the combination, don’t worry about it. For the bravest: three types of stripes? the shirt should have the thinnest; the suit or jacket, among the thickness of the shirt and the thickness of the tie; and tie the thickest . Two types of stripes and another design? Stripes must be from different dimensions and the pattern must correspond to a size compatible with the widest stripe.

We hope this advices will help you to combine your clothes.

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