Tailored shirts will make you feel better

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Today, we’re talking about shirts and we’ll give you some advices to choose one for different occasions. The shirt is one of the most used garments by men. That’s why we have lots of proposals, designs and styles when we want to buy one. Depending on the occasion, we’ll choose one style or another:

  • To combine with our suit for working days
    Shirts with either solid or striped colors are the most appropriate for this occasion. You have to bear in mind that it’s better to not have any pocket and to have the fastening in french style. Collars and cuffs will be up to you.

camisas a medida para el trabajo

  • For our casual/sport look
    For example, on fridays. For these days, we can opt for very different shirts because there are no rules for these occasions. However, we will try to avoid bright fabrics and extreme prints. A good practice would be to choose checkered shirts with vivid colors so we can show out our most joyful part of ourselves.

camisas a medida casual o sport

  • Wedding and/or ceremonies
    If you are the fortunate fiance, we recommend you to use a smoking collar and double cuffs (to be used with cufflinks) for the shirt. The color par excellence is the white, but depending on the color of the suit, you can choose other colors as well. If you are a wedding guest, we recommend kent collar (for the simple knot on the tie) or cut away (for the Windsor knot).

    camisa a medida smoking

  • For leisure time
    You can make a difference with a customized shirt. Change the accents of the collar and cuffs to make the shirt more exclusive, add an embroidery with your initials and change the color of the threads; you can play with all of this to make a different shirt. For this occasion, you can also consider to get a fabric a little bit shiny if you’re daring.

    camisas a medida para fiesta

Whatever it is the occasion, we recommend you to wear made to measure shirts because they’ll make you feel better. Ready to wear shirt prices are similar to online tailoring shops, so it’s a good oportunity to give it a chance to the online market. You’ll notice the difference, for sure! Finally you will neither have to use wide shoulder shirts to feel good with your arm length nor feel tightness in your neck to get fit on your body. In this way, additionally to benefiting from multiple advantages in configuration and customization, you will feel your shirt fit to your body and you’ll not have to adapt to the shirt. In our website you’ll have a permanent offer for a shirt pack.

3 shirt pack

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