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We have a wide variety of great quality fabrics for suits and shirts that will be in constant update according to the fashion and the season of the year.


Choose your desired style for each occasion. Thanks to our configurator, you will have a wide range of possibilities to configure your product, without any additional cost.


We will help you to calculate your measures from your weight and height. You only have to check it out. It will not be needed any help from a tailor. If you wish, you can take the measures of a garment that fits you well and apply them to your product.


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Why Custom?

Nowadays, mass production is taking over fashion. But fashion is much more than clothes manufactured in huge factories with standard sizes. It is necessary to remember that fashion is an art, a social and cultural phenomenon that defines us daily.

PERFECT ADJUSTMENT GUARANTEEDesign your suit, customize it, and get measured easily in 10 minutes.
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Tailored Clothing


Nowadays, mass production is taking over fashion. But fashion is much more than clothes manufactured in huge factories with standard sizes. It is necessary to remember that fashion is an art, a social and cultural phenomenon that defines us daily.

Tailored clothing is one of the expressions in which fashion gives us the most exclusivity and comfort against clothes that we can find in conventional stores. It is common that, in a wrong way, most of us associate tailored clothing to something reserved to a certain social class or to something intended for certain events like, for example, a familiar's wedding. But we do not have to renounce to dress habitually with tailored suits made exclusively for us. At present, and thanks to advances in techonlogy, there are tailored clothing online shops with very competitive prices. We can get exclusive garments in a more economical way than in mass production clothing shops.

Tailored clothing allows us to get unique suits, jackets, pants, vests or tailored shirts , made with the materials we choose, with the finishings we desire the most and make them fit us like a glove because they will have been made with our exact measures.

Dress well, with the finishings we like, and wear a garment unique for us and adapted to each of our body's centimeter, is a luxury; but we do not need to pay as much as per many other luxuries.
For the price of a garment made in mass production, you can get a unique an exclusive piece of clothes

Let's play a game: close your eyes and visualize how would you like to dress. Now, open them, look at yourself and ask you yourself why don't you dress as you have imagined?
Close your eyes again and imagine how would you obtain these desired garments. Do not get stressed imagining yourself from store to store trying to look for something similar to what you imagined. The solution is much easier: open your eyes and take the decision of buying a tailored suit online, because it has much more advantages than you can imagine.

"You choose the design, the accents and each of the details to just get what you had imagined. Furthermore, each garment adapts to your body thanks to the Perfect Adjustment Guarantee . Escape from the mass production and standard patterns."

How many times have you found a shirt or a suit that is exactly the same as you get in your mind before going shopping? Maybe not many; the most probably is that you have finally had to yield and finish buying something similar (but not equal) to what you wanted, but which is not the same. And, if you are one of the fortunate few who have been lucky in finding what you wanted, maybe it doesn't fit you at all when you try it on.

Moreover, it's difficult to find standard sizes to adapt to every body.
Fortunately, with tailored suits we can get a personalized pattern for each one, ensuring that suits or tailored shirts fit us.

Don't let false myths about expensive prices for tailored suits or tailored shirts stop you, because you choose the fabric that adapts to your budget. You will be surprised about the economic that results dressing well and to your liking. For the same price that costs a suit or a shirt in a department store, you can get a unique and exclusive garment that adapts to your body and, additionally, it will be a garment in which you have choosen until the last detail.