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Tailored pants collection

Tired of looking for a suit that perfectly fits your liking and your measures?

The main goal of our business is to manufacture and sell the best garments, especially emphasizing the bespoke pants for men. Thanks to the possibility to personalize the size of the garments and the worldwide shipping, the satisfaction of our clients is guaranteed.

When buying tailored clothes on the Internet, it is possible that, when you receive them, they don’t fit to you as you imagined. In case that this happens, we offer to our clients the possibility of paying the tailoring. You will have to find the nearest tailor to fix the garment and Blackpier will cover the adjustments following our adjustments policy..

Our goal is to satisfy the client, and to do that we guide the people who need help to get the best result on the garment’s manufacture. All the products that you can purchase in our online shop are handmade, and that is why sometimes they don’t fit to the client well. In these cases, it only requires few changes and variations. Anyway, a handmade garment will adapt to your body in a more suitable way than one in a general size.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the kind of clothes that best fits to you. The tailors who work for our shop will make it easy. They will only need to know your body’s measures and you will purchase a garment tailored to your needs. You will find the latest fashion trends and you will be able to select your own style. These tailors use traditional ways to make custom made pants, and they take care of all the details. They have more than 20 years of experience, trying to get you satisfied and making his work always by hand. Besides, when we send your purchase to your home, it comes in a packaging that protects the contents during the journey.

We have lots of fabrics updated regularly for all occasions, either for a wedding or for work, so you will have the latest fashion trends and the season of the year.

Tailored pants for men: the best way for wearing

The pants are the clothes which are worn down faster. That is why people keep their blazers inside the wardrobe without being able to use them, because there aren’t any pants that combine well with them. This is one of the reasons why people decide to buy new pants, walking in a large number of shops, looking for the ones that coordinate with the blazers they have. However, it is only possible if that pants are classic coloured.

A possible solution when you buy bespoke pants for men is to purchase two identical ones and to keep one of them inside the wardrobe, so that they can be used when the others are worn down. So it is better to buy two custom pants for men, instead of one. This kind of solution is much widespread among people who must wear a daily uniform, either at work or any other event which lasts more than one day.

Our commitment

We commit to keep the following aspects in mind:

  • To care of the final design: The design of the custom pants that people acquire from our online shop is chosen by each customer. You can select the style of each and every part of the clothes, from the texture to the colours. We make all the clothes carefully, keeping in mind every choice taken by the purchaser.
  • Made to measure clothes: In Blackpier all the clothes can be tailored to the buyers’ needs. Thus, the customers are allowed to acquire pieces of clothing at their preference.
  • Choosing the cloth: You can decide what materials the cloths are manufactured with.
  • Fitting perfectly and adapting to the body: the pants must have enough flexibility to smooth out and bend easily. The turn-up must not be at the height of the ankle, because it would mean that the pants are too short for you.

Shopping process

  1. Choose your preferred color and style from one of the pants models shown.
  2. Customize some details of the pants like: the style (Straight o tight), number of pleats (no pleats, 1 pleat o 2 pleats) and back pockets (number of pockets and with or without buttons).
  3. Start the measurement process. We will indicate the steps to follow throughout the process, so you will not need a tailor.
  4. Finally, you should only need to complete your order by typing your shipping address and your preferred payment method.
  5. You will receive your tailored pants at home within 15 days. We ship worldwide.