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Tailored shirts collection

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Some details about our shirt manufacturing process

We have a wide variety of collars. You only have to choose your favourite one according to your needs.

We take care of every detail in confection with the aim of guarantee the best finishings in your tailored shirts.

Perfect adjustment guarantee for your tailored shirts

With the Blackpier's tailoring each garment is unique, made from each one of your body measures. Our professional tailors work, not only to get the best finishing in your garment, but to get your plenty satisfaction.

Tailored Shirts

We take care of every detail of your shirt

Blackpier offers you the best professionals and a great selection of trending fabrics to make you dress tailored shirts daily, taking care of every detail.

As there are not two equal bodies, the shirt that will make you feel perfect will be that created exclusively for you. It is as difficult to get a flawless look with a mass produced shirt as it is finding one with the details we want. For this reason, in Blackpier you can choose those little details to make it unique, as for example the style of the collar according to each occasion: cut away, Kent, with buttons, wing collar, stand-up collar, and so on. You will also be able to configure the fastening, pockets, cuffs and the style of your tailored shirt.

To let your shirt be exclusively unique, Blackpier allows you to customize until the last detail. You can add an embroidery for your initials, change the inside and outside cuff's and collar's fabric, and you can even choose the color of the button's thread and button's holes.

In Blackpier's tailored shirting, you will find a wide range of tailored men's shirts suitable for all the occasions: for working days, to dress for a wedding, to go out at night or other special occasions. Our shirts have been made to be suitable for all seasons using the best 100% cotton fabrics. For warmest months, we also have linen shirts which are fresher and will make you feel better for those days. If you are looking for shirts to warm you in winter, Blackpier has a special fabric assortment for coolest seasons.

We do know that there are not two persons with the same likes. That's why we put at your disposal more than a million combination between styles and fabrics to configure your shirts.

A fundamental part of dressing well is to feel comfortable with your shirt. For this reason, it is imperative to have the shirt correctly fit to your body. In our shirting, you will be able to get your ideal tailored men's shirts with the best fit to your body.

Tailored shirts, elegance, exclusivity and comfort

Blackpier makes your tailored shirts as absolutely personal, exclusive pieces with the details you can choose and will distinguish you.

Each man must be owner of his style and a stamp of distinction is to flee the elaborate garments in series that limit us to one more and do not allow that we show through our clothes as we are and we are actually. Why Blackpier offers the possibility to customize your shirts, combining details according to your taste and also your needs.

Still made with the same fabric and the same color or print, a shirt can be radically unlike other if details are applied as the color of the wire that will be sewn buttonholes or the type of neck.

Blackpier tailored shirts are distinguished by their vocation of exclusivity that make them unique and allow man to dress according to their authentic personality. Fabrics and colours according to the latest trends, shirt models suitable for different times of the day and the assurance of be acquiring a product unique and elaborate hand-crafted custom. Professionals who work for Blackpierd put your effort in elaborate hand-crafted some unique shirts that will define your style and will be adapted exactly to your measurements and your tastes.To make a shirt exclusive you can demand all kinds of details that will make yours may not appear to others. From the fabric of high quality in cotton or linen, depending on the season, stamping or plain colors that can go vary depending on fashion, to design the neck or cuffs and the color of the thread seams, at Blackpier want you to design your tailor made shirts and we will make it to getting a flawless product.

The neck of his shirt, the right choice

Deppending on the moment you choose a type of clothing and for that shirt may be a type of neck or other: open or closed, Button down, English or Italian, depending on whether we need it or not to tie or prefer not to take it. The neck of the shirt, his style, often depend on the trend of the season or the customer's preference and comfort. For summer, type mao neck is cooler, in the casual style for this purpose linen is particularly recommended, as well as light and soft colors.

Italian neck is the one whose tips are visibly separated, which makes keeping rigid well but let's not tie. It is a perfect neck not bear tie, also lead it although this must be wide by separate peaks, to fill the gap of the knot well.

More formal and closed the Italian neck is English neck, this type of collar tips are much closer and the tie is ideal if the knot is not wide.

American neck requires always wear a tie, two parts of the neck are joined by a keeper and will be behind the tie that will be fine.

To carry without a tie is the collar, buttoned, botton down, very similar to the English but with two small buttons on the sides.

Details that will distinguish you

One shirt is made exclusively through a detail like the color of the fabric of inside of cuffs and neck. If we combine it with good judgment can make a design only: If the tailored shirt is made in a plain colored fabric can try to put the back of the neck and cuffs in some colour print and discreet. The result will be very glamorous and daring. If instead the shirt is made in a printed color turns collar and cuffs will be very elegant in a plain color appropriate to the range of stamping.

As pockets are more appropriate in the shirt of sport, a pocket on the upper left without flaps, or two pockets closed on both sides at the top. Cut slim, for shirts tailored to the body is young and attractive in the casual style. But there is a very stylish touch to differentiated his shirt without a doubt: the color of the thread for the seams and grommets for buttons.

A color of thread contrasted with the color of the fabric can be a funny detail, in a pattern where the highlight color you could choose the same shade of thread, or one that strongly contrast. For ceremony shirt type Collar Tuxedo and smooth color is important. Also is this type of shirt you can opt for snowboarding Plastron and decorate with buttons of opposite to the color of the fabric color, for example to put black buttons in a white shirt, which gives a touch of seriousness suitable to the occasion.

A very exclusive detail is also that of cuffs with button hole for twins, a very male jewel to decorate our tailored shirt and differentiate it definitively. Wider or narrower cuff will also be to the taste of the customer, it is a detail that has great importance because it is the element that tops the sleeves and helps to close them.

Tight cuffs seem more suitable to the summer, sport shirt and constricting tissue fresh and light, which can be folded upwards.

Embroidered initials, a stylish stamp

Perhaps the most characteristic detail of a tailored shirt will be the embroidery of the initial letters of the name of the client. Although it's something that for some old-fashioned detail can be, others consider it of distinction and good taste, beyond the utility that might once have, to recognize that the shirt is your property where he could get lost in the laundry or dry clean. It tends to embroider the initial of the name and the surname, but also the initial of the second surname could embroider. It is capitalized and in a letter of discrete and legible size, about six millimeters.

The color in which the letters are embroidered must be equally discreet, for example a darker or lighter tone that the color of the shirt, must be distinguished but not contrast too much, unless the client decides that the contrast is striking by the way, although it reduced him to detail elegance. As place of the shirt where it is usually done the initials embroidery this is usually the top left side, chest, although there are who prefers it to the left side waist or at one of two fists, in its upper part.


One of the latest trends for men's shirts in this spring seasons are the moles in the shirts. Versatile and daring can be very chic and elegant depending on if you choose small moles or larger. It is the tie in the same tone of moles, and in a tone darker than the bottom of the shirt, although you can also choose to bold and sophisticated contrasts.

Trend on the runways are also this season floral prints for men shirts, all kinds of flowers and different sizes, both in the bottoms of shirts and turns of cuffs and collars.Casual shirts for men, style fifties it have become fashionable again, cut loose, with v-shaped necklines.

You decide your following anyway, Blackpier offers you the opportunity to choose your own style, taking into account in its offer the latest trends in fabrics and colors and designs, but always without losing sight that you is who has the final word in deciding how are the shirts you want to for daily use and for special occasions.

The tailor made shirts will be the final garment for your comfort and to define its style and underline its elegance. A tailored shirt for every occasion that can combine with suits or linen sport style, depending on the time and season, depending on what the place and the circumstances require.

His style, the choice of the small details and good make of our professionals guarantee a flawless image in every moment of the day.