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Ties for Men – Blackpier

More than 200 ties for men, a lot of different designs which are full of originality and elegance.

Tie is one of the most important complements or accessories a man can have in his wardrobe. Wearing a suit or being dressed in casual clothes with a simple shirt are different styles, however using a tie can change your appearance if you decide to wear it, because your suit will have the perfect complement and your casual clothes will seem to be formal wear although it is not. This tie will change your looks giving you an elegant and original appearance.

You have just decided you want to wear a tie, but you do not know what kind of tie you can use. Reading this article you are going to learn the distinct kinds of ties for men Blackpier offers, the various styles when wearing a tie depending on your needs, the fabric used to create these incredible tie designs, the appropiate situation to wear a tie and at last, you are going to know what you need about the lastest trends in ties.

Different designs you can find on Blackpier website

Blackpier ties for men are carefully designed by a team that creates every tie one by one, taking into account that each one of them must be unique. Blackpier offers two hundred different and innovative designs. You only have to look at Blackpier website and look for a tie you like because choosing one desing or another is a matter of taste. Some people like simple designs, however others like flashy ones. We can divide the designs among four main kinds: Solid, Striped, Checkered and Printed. Some of Solid ties for men are made of silk and another ones are made of 100% microfiber, being their width 8 cm.

They come in different colours: lightish purple, pink, blue and green that seem to be showy colours and also we can find modest colours like black, dark blue and grey. On the other hand we can find textured ties, ties with dots or checkered desings.

The second kind of ties is called Striped and as you can imagine, stripes characterize these desings. The main protagonist are the stripes we can see diagonally. In these designs, the colours are mixed. We can see several colours on the same tie. For instance, colours like blue, brown, white and black can appear on the same tie, so you can use them and combine them with different suits. Appart from the colours we have mentioned, red, grey, green, black and purple are the most important ones of this collection. The same as Solid collection, Striped collection counts on different checkered desings. The composition of Striped ties for men is silk and microfiber as well.

Checkered ties can be light or dark. Light colours are appropriate if the shirt is dark, because the colour of the tie is going to stand out. The other ties we can find in this collection are checkered dark ones that can be combined with light shirts. In addition to that, it is really easy to coordinate shirts with them due to the great quantity of colours they have. Microfiber and silk are the cloths chosen for thiscollection again.

The last collection of these ties for men is called Printed. This collection is different from the other ones since ties are decorated with patterns.They are original and they are colourful ties. Colours use to be light ones and some of them are designed in pastel tones, so patterns stand out and the tie is more attractive and showy. Orange, pink, light blue, purple and red, maybe are the most beautiful ones because they are more colourful and original designs. The material which has been used to create these elegant ties is microfiber and the width can be 8 cm o 6 cm.

Different styles for different men

According to styles related to ties for men, we have to mention that appart from the distinct designs, you can wear a tie in different ways depending on the knot, the width, the colour of it, etc. It is significant that ties suit every men well, since they are complements created only and exclusively for men.

If you want people to pay attention to you and you want to make absolutely no effort at all to be the centre of attention, you can wear a bow tie. Bow tie is considered to be a traditional accessory but on the other hand, it is not common to use it nowadays, so, this is the best choice if you want to mix tradition and singularity. Blackpier offers different designs of bow ties. Some of them are made of 100% polyester, others are made of polyester and silk and another ones are made of polyester and wool. Their sizes are 12 cm x 6 cm.You can find different colours from classic colours to pastel tones.

If your style is creative, you can look for a tie with width 6 cm, since you will have a modern and lighthearted appearance. Wearing a slim tie for man seems to be the lastest trend nowadays. In addition to this, you will be dressed well but having a modern look. Therefore, tradition and modernity will go together. You will be elegant and also you will have a minimalist appearance if you choose warm colour as well.

The elegant style has to do with colours. If you want to be an elegant man you have to choose a classic colour. Maybe black or grey should be the appropriate ones, although white, red and dark blue, among others, can give you the elegant appearance you want to have. So, if you have to attend a formal event which is really important, take into account that elegant style is the style you should choose. Do not forget to choose a classic colour.

Our last style is going to be called showy. If you want all eyes are on you in a special event, your style must be this one. You have to wear a flashy tie. It can be pink, orange, red or maybe a showy colour like these. Your tie is certain to attract attention of everybody. Besides, another option can be to choose a printed tie with original patterns. Look for a pattern that has to do with your personality. Look for something that people has to look when you are near them.

Better fabric for your tie

If you want to have a tie that you can wear in your daily life, you have to choose ties for men made of polyester since it is easy to clean it. You only have to use water and a little bit of detergent and your tie will be as you had just bought it. However, if you need a tie for an special event you can acquire a silk tie. Besides, you can use it both in summer or winter. However take into account that your tie needs dry cleaning, although nowadays it is not expensive. Also, you can find wool ties for men as well, although they must be used in winter.

The perfect complement for a formal or an informal event

Maybe ties for men can be seen as complements that only can be used in formal events. It is true that if you have to go to a wedding or if you have been invited to an important dinner, a tie is a complement that a man can not forget. It was considered to be a complement for formal wear, but nowadays things are different, the use of tie is more common than several years ago, and a tie can be used in an informal dinner with friends, if we want to be fashionable. Therefore, ties are perfect for any kind of event.

On the other hand, there are several tie knots and you will have to choose one of them. You can have an original appearance depending on the knot you choose. Slim ties for men give you a thiner appearance and also you will seem to be taller. If your neck is wid, the knot should be double and your neck will seem to be longer and thiner. Windsor knot is the most elegant and traditional one and finally take into account that if you are wearing a Printed tie with patterns, your shirt can not have patterns too. Your shirt must have only one colour. Be careful with that and you will be really attractive.

Last trends related to ties

Finally, we are going to talk about last trends which indicate that colours like pink, red, brown, fuchsia, blue, grey and green are the colours that will be used more frequently in ties for men since they are the colours for this season. Moreover, flowers, dots and geometrical patterns will be seen mixed with the colours we have talked about before, in this season. The width of ties will be between 6 and 8 cm, although using a tie which is bigger than these, would give us an unfashionable aspect.


Find your favourite tie between more than 200 designs thoughts for all the occasions.

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