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Groom Suits

Tailored Wedding Suits for Men - BLACKPIER

A very special day as it is your wedding's day, is a unique and unrepeatable day for you, your familiars and friends in which every detail counts so that everything runs smoothly and it turns into a day to remember. There are few occasions in which you will have the opportunity to meet your loved ones in such a festivity and celebration environment like this one. Thus, it is very important to take care of your way of dressing if you would like to cause the best impression.

The usual topic in a wedding is the bride and her spectacular wedding dress and complements. But, what about the man? It seems as if he is always in the background. We know that the man's suit is a key element for that day and, therefore, groom's suit must not leave anyone indifferent and they should also show off their tailored suits taking care of every detail and getting a perfect adjustment.

Our tailored wedding suits collection is aimed to both the bridegroom and the best man and familiars that attend to the wedding, and they will surprise to all of the invited ladies that assist to the celebration. A tailored suit allows you to show off great quality and a superior fit better that the one you have with mass production suits. And all of this without forgetting the customization you can obtain, assuring that your suit will be as special as the day you are in.

We can find the most seen groom suits in weddings and also the incorporation of the tuxedo, an american trend that is becoming more common in traditional weddings. We offer two different tuxedo styles: the classical one, and another one with a more sofisticated appearance to what we are use to see, because, what is important for a day like this one is to make a difference and try something new.

We do not want to leave guests far behind, because the bridegroom is not the only one who can wear a unique and made to measure suit. Guests are very important because without them, this day would not be possible. That's why in Blackpier we want to help them to get their perfect wedding custom suits without leaving home.

If the wedding date is approaching, you must be wondering what wedding suits for men you're going to wear that day and what clothes are best for your figure. Although sometimes we have to choose the wardrobe of a man to go to a wedding, we must also take into account a number of things to improve your outfit and look handsome and elegant.

Choosing the right wedding bespoke suit it´s not an easy decision to take, because we have to take some factors into account such as:

  1. Finding the most successful mens weddings suits can be quite complicated, so the first thing you should do is to consider the nature and time of the ceremony so that your choice is correct. Above all, double check the wedding card and if the couple have included a petition on theclothing of the guests must abide by its decision to blend among other attendees.

  2. The standard garment that a man should look at a wedding dress is a media label, ie, a tailored suit with a tie or bow tie, according to your tastes and preferences. Yes, if it is a traditional link and have a role that day as a witness or godfather, you should wear a tuxedo suit, garment classical ceremony. Guests can only wear tuxedo long as you do the boyfriend, and that no one should dress more formal than the main protagonist of the wedding fashion.

  3. For the wedding day, the best option is to bring suits in light colors like blue or gray and even more neutral colors like beige or tan. The last ones are very flattering and comfortable for ceremonies taking place on the beach or in open spaces, as they are fresh and do not absorb as much heat.

  4. By contrast, in evening weddings, light colors are totally discarded giving the way to the dark wedding bespoke suits, from which the most elegant and sophisticated are the shades like black, navy or charcoal. It is also a good opportunity to go with a nice trimmed tuxedo, which is characterized by the lapels of silk satin or gloss and is very flattering for such events.

  5. The tie is a central element in a man's suit. Choose your model in the style of dress to match, along with the shirt you're taking. The key is to create a balanced look and not mix colors or prints. If you want to project a more fun look combines a white shirt with a tie for a more flashy or patterned color.

  6. You cannot forget other important details like shoes that must combine with the color of the suit, but a safe bet are black laces shoes or a coffee tone for light blue or beige suits. Check that your shoes are shiny and clean for that day as shabby shoes can ruin your whole wardrobe.

  7. Finally, complete your look with accessories such as a belt, scarf or a plain pattern in the jacket pocket, clock sharp modern lines ... These are details that make a difference in the style of a man. It is easier to find those kind of accessories and some awesome suits, but what you have to keep in mind is that those has to be a good wedding custom suits.

Wedding suits for the best man

That being said, we cannot forget an important piece at a wedding, that is, the best man. Alongside the couple, one of the main protagonists of all marital bond is the best man. He is the commissioned to accompany the bride to the altar and also to assist the groom in all his needs during the preparations. If you have been assigned this task and have doubts about the costumes for the big day you should take into account the following tips:

  1. Being the most important male figure after the groom, the best man must dress according to the style of the groom, strictly following the rules of etiquette that have chosen this for their nuptial. So before you rush to buy the costume you must wait for the groom have selected your entire wardrobe to see what type of dress and style have to look.

  2. Also, the best man will only take a tailored tuxedo, which is the classic garment ceremony, where the groom will wear it on his wedding, since no guest should dress more formal and elegant than the main character. The tuxedo is a very sophisticated and ideal wedding custom suit for carrying in the religious ceremonies of morning and afternoon; consists of coat or jacket, vest and pants. However, because it is a civil ceremony or just the groom feel more comfortable with a classic tailored suit, the best man must also wear a suit of that design. Remember, groom and best man should go with the same code.

  3. Normally, the color of the costume of the best man is usually the samerange as that of the groom's suit, it´s important to avoid white or very light colors like beiges, creams, etc costumes. These are delegated exclusively to the bride and groom or for ceremonies on the beach, according to the express request of the couple.

  4. Although the costume of the best man should go according to the groom, this should make a difference in accessories and details. For example, if you bring tuxedo, jackets are preferred in classic colors like black, dark gray, English gray, navy, etc.. than the prints, silver or more vibrant colors that are more suitable for the groom. Vests in these classic tones combined with a nice white shirt are a sure hit.

  5. The tie is a key addition to any wedding attire for men. It is best to choose a tie depending on the style of the suit and shirt to combine everything perfectly. We recommend choosing the tie color that you like but, yes, avoiding at all times be the same shade or present the same shape as the groom.

  6. Finally, the best man can complete his outfit with classic brogues. The black is always the best choice for male shoes for weddings, but you can also choose shoes in brown tones if the costume is not too dark, of course. Discards too flashy or strident forms models, oxford style shoes, for example, are a great option to look perfect and flawless.

Current trends

These are just some tips on how to wear the best wedding suit, but apart from that, it should take into account current trends, such as:

  • Colors: dark, like marine or toasted, plus classic black and light gray pearls, combined with white or blue shirt in most cases. The extra detail is set by the vest and tie, allowing greater range of color, and other accessories such as twins or flower on the lapel or scarf.

  • The cravat also allow some to the imagination, but are less popular, perhaps because tradition dictates, or because the tie is an 'old mate' cabinet of men, and are more comfortable with it.

  • The suit jacket is also a highly recommended option, especially in civil ceremonies or those held in summer, when the heat and the prospect of donning all the parts that make up a cutaway seems the least complicated. The wedding bespoke suit allows introducing novel American colors in the attire of the groom, along with textures and light fabrics, such as linen, ideal for destination weddings with a beach background.

  • A variant we love: the hipster boyfriend, who gets a look more retro or vintage, and usually part of the iconography and overall style of the wedding. Weddings inspired by the 20´s, 30´s or 40´s are the best ones. Themed weddings are those that have replaced casual weddings, becoming trend that was an exception before.

  • The Fashion Week for Men brought countless trends for 2014 wedding suits for men, such as the military. This type of cut ranges structured in marine and earth colors are ideal to innovate and move beyond the traditional look. A set of pants and shirt in black, accompanied by a military-style jacket in beige will make sure to look an elegant and sophisticated groom.

    To follow with the trends of costumes for grooms for 2014, the color blocks on the bags and trousers are targeted as protagonists. This trend combined gray, navy and dark tones, in order to give a creative twist to the traditional classical style.

Finally, with all these tips, you'll be sure to dress appropriately for the bigday. Whether you're the groom or best man, sure you'll stand by your elegance and sophistication.