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Shipping and delivery

Blackpier can ship its products worldwide using only trust carriers. That´s why DHL is responsible for transporting your product directly from our tailoring workshop in Shanghai to your home.

DHL is a leading logistics agency, that is responsible for all Blackpier´s worldwide shipments. Once your order has been sent, we will provide you the shipment ID through email, for you to know at each moment where your order is placed.
In order to do the tracking, you will have to access to DHL, enter the shipment ID in the field Track Your Shipment and click in the Track button.

All the orders over £85,96 has its shipment free. Those which don´t exceed this amount will have a surcharge of £8,56.

We also make an effort to cover border fees. Please, send us an email if your package has had any tariff and Blackpier will agree to pay the 20% of the cost.

From the moment you finish your order, you will receive it within 15 working days approximately.
In case you have not received it in 15 working days, please wait 5 further working days. If in those 20 days you have not recieved the package yet, get in contact with us by filling the form in the section Contact indicating technical support in the section Type of consultation.

From January 10 2023, delivery time will be longer thant 6 weeks.