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Returnings conditions

We will proceed to the forwarding of the garment if:

  • The chosen fabric does not correspond to the garment´s you have received (the tonality differences caused by the monitor effect are not considered in this point; the color can have a variation among 5% and 10%).
  • The garment configuration does not correspond to the one you have received.

It must be taken in mind that the measures entered in the profile correspond to body measure and, depending on the garment´s characteristic, it will have a different size compared to the body measures, so the direct comparation between the garment´s size and the measure profile will not be considered as a valid argument to indicate it as a mistake. Furthermore, it should be borne in mind that the tailors employed by Blackpier reserve the right to modify at 2 cm (up or down), the measures taken by the user. Fit problems arguments will not be accepted for returnings; in this case, the customer must apply for an Adjustment (5.2).

Returnings policy:

To be considered eligible for the returning, all orders must be sent by post to Blackpier within a week (7 days) since the customer receives his order.
Blackpier will only accept the returned products that are in good conditions and unused.
Blackpier has the right to deny the issuance of the order´s refund if it´s considered worn or previously damaged.
Blackpier won´t accept modified or adjusted garments.
Fit problems arguments will not be accepted for returnings; in this case, the customer must apply for an Adjustment (5.2).
The customer will assume the garment shipping cost.

Any of the packages received in the Blackpier facilities that don't accomplish the mentioned requirements will be returned to the customer without refunding it.
The refund will only be applied to the garment the customer has sent to us.
To acept the returning, the customer will have to send an email to [email protected] with pictures that clearly show the error.
Blackpier has the rights to deny the returning if it is considered that the order has been made correctly acoding to the data provided by the user.

Modification or cancellation policy

After 24 hours of placing an order, it will not be possible to make any type of modification (fabrics, configuration, customization and / or measurements) in the item (s). Likewise, it will not be possible to cancel any order placed after 24 hours of its completion.