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Custom shirts collection

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Do you prefer to customize every last detail?

Find out our 3d configurator with more than 70 fabrics!

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Some details about our shirt manufacturing process

We have a wide variety of collars. You only have to choose your favourite one according to your needs.

We take care of every detail in confection with the aim of guarantee the best finishings in your custom shirts.

Perfect adjustment guarantee for your custom shirts

With the Blackpier's tailoring each garment is unique, made from each one of your body measures. Our professional tailors work, not only to get the best finishing in your garment, but to get your plenty satisfaction.

Custom Shirts

We take care of every detail of your shirt

Blackpier offers you the best professionals and a great selection of trending fabrics to make you dress custom shirts daily, taking care of every detail.

Everybody knows that there are not two equal bodies. That is why the shirt that will make you feel better will be that created exclusively for you. It is as difficult to get a flawless look with a mass produced shirt as it is finding one with the details we want. For this reason, in Blackpier you can configure every detail to make a unique shirt for you, as for example the style of the collar according to each occasion: cut away, Kent, with buttons, wing collar, stand-up collar, and so on. You will also be able to configure the fastening, pockets, cuffs and the style of your custom shirt.

To let your shirt be exclusively unique, Blackpier allows you to customize until the last detail. You can add personal details as the embroidery for your initials, change the inside and outside cuff's and collar's fabric, and you can even choose the color of the button's thread and button's holes.

In Blackpier's custom shirting , you will find a wide range of custom men's shirts suitable for all the occasions: for working days, for a weddings, to go out at night or other special occasions. Our shirts have been thought for all seasons, using the best 100% cotton fabrics. For warmest months, you can find linen shirts which are fresher and will make you feel better for those days. If you are looking for shirts to warm you in winter, Blackpier has a special fabric assortment for coolest seasons.

As there are not two persons with the same likes, we put at your disposal more than a million combination between styles and fabrics to configure your shirts.

A fundamental part of dressing well is to feel comfortable with your shirt. For this reason, it is imperative to have the shirt correctly fit to your body. In our custom shirt online shop, you will be able to get the ideal custom shirts for man with the best fit for your body.