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Shirt Lamia

  • Wedding
  • Solid
  • White
  • 100% premium cotton
  • Poplin
  • All seasonal
  • Shirt Lamia - Front view
  • Shirt Lamia - Isometric view
Shirt Lamia


This exclusive shirt model is made with a tuxedo collar, perfect for a bow tie, and with black enamelled rhodium-plated metal buttons.

Fabric details

100% premium cotton?Our premium cotton fabrics are woven using 2 ply, so they are more durable and resistant.
Poplin, 2 ply
135gsm - Medium
Usually, a heavier fabric is more suitable for cold climates, and a lighter one, for warmer climates.
Treatments & finishes
  • Liquid ammonia?Chemical treatment of the fabric that gives greater resistance and better recovery from wrinkles, as well as a silky, soft-touch style similar to mercerized treatment.

Media that have mentioned us

  • La Vanguardia
  • Expansión
  • ABC
  • Premis Talent Cambra
  • TeleCinco
  • Movistar+
  • Televisión Española
  • TV3

Shirt configuration (editable)


Wing collar


Long sleeve


Double straigth


Opening seamed (Standard)

Chest pocket

Of course, you can also embroider your initials
In case you do not need to change any configuration of the shirt, add it directly to your cart
Custom made Forget about trying on different sizes!
As it is tailor-made, you will find the fit you need. You can measure your body or a shirt you are already wearing.
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