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Groom Suits


A very special day as it is your wedding's day, is a unique and unrepeatable day for you, your familiars and friends in which every detail counts so that everything runs smoothly and it turns into a day to remember. There are few occasions in which you will have the opportunity to meet your loved ones in such a festivity and celebration environment like this one. Thus, it is very important to take care of your way of dressing if you would like to cause the best impression.

The main topic in a wedding is the bride and her spectacular wedding dress and complements. But, what about the man? It seems as if he is always in the background. We know that the man's suit is a key element for such a day like this one and, therefore, groom's suit must not leave anyone indifferent and they should also show off their custom suits taking care of every detail and getting a perfect adjustment.

Our custom suits collection is aimed to both the bridegroom and the best man and familiars that attend to the event, and they will surprise to all of the invited ladies that assist to the celebration. A custom suit allows you to show off great quality and a superior fit better that the one you have with mass production suits. And all of this without forgetting the customization you can obtain, assuring that your suit will be as special as the celebration to which you are assisting.

We can find the most seen groom suits in weddings and also the incorporation of the tuxedo, which is becoming more common in traditional weddings. We offer two different tuxedo styles: the classical one, and another one with a more sofisticated appearance to what we are use to see, because, what is important for a day like this one is to make a difference and try something new.

We do not want to leave guests far behind, because the bridegroom is not the only one who can wear a unique and made to measure suit. Guests are also very important because without them, this day would not be possible. That's why in Blackpier we want to help them to get their perfect suits without leaving home.