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All Blackpier products are handmade and, in some occasions, to make the product be fit to your body, it requires some little variations.

For Blackpier, the customer´s satisfaction is its main goal, that´s why we offer; up to $40,50 for suits and blazers, up to $27 if you have acquired a jacket, up to $20,25 for vests, $20,25 for pants and $13,50 for shirts.

To obtain this return, you will have to follow the steps below:

1. Visit your tailor.
You should visit a tailor to let him do the necessary arrangements in the garment you want to adjust. Once it´s done, you will have to ask him to give you a list of the augmented or reduced centimeters of each required part of the body.
2. Access to the section Adjustments you will find in your account (Personal area)
3. Follow the indicated steps to modify your measure profile.
4. You will have to scan or to photograph the copy of payment and the modifications done by the tailor, and send them to us through the form we provide you.
5. Blackpier will give your money back in less than 15 working days.
Return conditions:

This process must be done within 30 days since you receive your order.
Once the garment has been modified, it will not be accepted by Blackpier.
We will only pay the amount of the money mentioned if you complete satisfyingly all the steps of the section “Adjustments” of your Personal Area.