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Design your garment, customize it and measure yourself in 10 minutes.
Within 15 working days you will receive your order at home.

- We guarantee your satisfaction in all of our products.
- If you need help, we will guide you in a personalized way to get the perfect result.
- We will implement the strictest quality standards in the manufacture of the garments.
- To earn your trust, we pledge to strictly comply with all of our conditions.


If your garment is not as fitted as you wished, Blackpier has developed a sistem to achieve the perfect adjustment. To know more about this service, go to the section adjustments of the help menu. More information >

The main goal of Blackpier is to obtain a full satisfaction of the customer in the moment of purchasing his garment. We understand that getting the garment perfectly fitted for each customer is the most important thing of acquiring a custom product. That´s why we are working hard to achieve this goal.


We take care of your garment in every detail:

Finding your custom style is possible thanks to the Blackpier´s traditional tailoring and shirting

With our tailoring professionals, the choice is yours

If what you want is to feel good with your clothing, to enjoy the best fabrics and handmade clothing, stitch by stitch, this is your best choice.
It is possible that you, like many other people, don´t easily find what your are looking for, because your style and measures can fall outside the standards of clothing produced in industrial manufacturing. Thanks to our tailors, you will never suffer again the discomforts of a jacket to tight; or a shirt that fits well around the neck but it´s too loose or tight around the rest of the body; or pants that, when your are sit, they are too long.

With custom tailoring, you will feel better

You can choose your own style and customize it quickly and easily. We offer a variety of fabrics and styles depending on the latest fashion trends and with new designs and fabrics.
Our collection allows you to choose the texture, pattern and color, getting the personalized and unique style you want for your suit or shirt.

Detailed attention and meticulous handicraft

Our garments are handicraft by our tailors, using only traditional methods.
Our obsession is to take care of every detail to give maximum satisfaction.
From the thoroughness of the opened button holes and sews by hand, to the particular embroidery of the inside of the pocket. Every garment made by Blackpier is the result of the meticulous handicraft and detailed work made by our tailors, with over 20 years of experience, thinking only of your satisfaction at the time you feel it like a glove.

The most rigorous care comes to your door

Because once completed, your garment is presented and protected in a exclusive and special unique packaging* that will protect its content in the long journey to your home.

* The packaging will only be included when purchasing a suit, pants, vests and jackets.

We welcome you to the world of Blackpier; prepare yourself to live a unique experience and to enjoy your own style of dressing custom clothes.

1. Choose the fabric
1. Fabric: we have a wide variety of great quality fabrics for suits and shirts that will be in constant update according to the fashion and the season of the year.
2. Design your garment
2. Design: choose your desired style for each occasion. Thanks to our configurator, you will have a wide range of possibilities to configure your product, without any additional cost.
4. Get measured
3. Measurements: we will help you to calculate your measures from your weight and height. You only have to check it out. It will not be needed any help from a tailor. If you wish, you can take the measures of a garment that fits you well and apply them to your product.
3. Customize it
4. Shipping: receive your order within 15 days with DHL.
FREE* shipping worldwide.
*Orders over $110,94
Worldwide shipping
Blackpier uses the air delivery service to make our customers enjoy our products as soon as possible. That´s why only 15 working days will pass since you make your order to the arrival of it at your home.
We ship free with orders over $110,94.