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Some details about our shirt manufacturing process

Meticulous in the small details

One of the great maxims in our production process is to pay attention to details such as the stitching: a handmade stitch that goes arround the jacket and its pockets. This shows the effort we put in the confection of our tailored suits and makes them unique and unrepeatable.

Another aspect to be noted in our confection process is the attention we put in our lapels. Thanks to a special steamed ironing process, our lapels will look with the same volume as in the beginning.

Care in sleeves

When configuring the garment, the user will be able to select false or real button holes for the sleeves. The difference is that false button holes give a less customizable sensation (it's the option that most of the stores choose for their suits) but, as an advantage, the length of the sleeve can be modified. On the other side, real button holes give a better quality sensation, but we must be sure about the sleeve's length because it will not be able to be modified. Thanks to the Blackpier's tailoring, our customers can opt for the last option, because we make the suit according to their measures, leading to a customized garment that will delight by its quality.

Due to our commitment to customization, the customer will be able to configure the last button hole color of the sleeve to combine it with other parts of the whole set, such as the tie..


Not all the quality of the tailored suit falls on visible parts. Sometimes it's also important to have a look to the inside, and that's why we bet for giving importance to the inside part of our tailored suits.

For it, we have opted for a half-canvassed construction, that offers a lasting garment with a more natural fall through your body.

The final result leads to a perfect balanced suit.

  • Fabric
  • Fuse
  • Canvas
  • Cover


Until now, we all had to adapt to monotonous styles proposed by the textile industry. The result it was to an homogenization of the style, that is, we all had to dress more or less with the same style. In Blackpier we want to revolutionize the industry, customizing the garments to details unthinkable until now, so everybody can dress as they want and not as industry impose them.

Details as the choice of the lining, the customization of color and font for the embroidery for the initials, that will ease you to combine other parts of the set, are some of the possibilities that Blackpier can offer.


Blackpier has developed a new system for taking measures that we can divide in two parts: standard sizes, perfect for taking measures of a piece of clothes that fits us well, and body measures, which are directly taken on the body, and for which our tailors will add the necessary amount of fabric according to the chosen style (Slim fit or Regular fit). In both cases, and thanks to our image and video-tutorial system, it's really easy to take the measures because we indicate the steps to proceed. Your measures will be saved in your personal account, so you will only need to make the process once.

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Tailored Suits

Tired of looking for a suit that perfectly fits your liking and your measures?

In Blackpier we believe that everybody should have the wonderful feeling of dressing tailored suits. That is why we give you the opportunity of getting the suit of your dreams.

We offer you suits for all occasions

Do you need a suit for work? Or maybe for a wedding? Or for a special event? Then you already know that the best way of succeeding in your suit is to find one that likes you and, additionally, that adapts to your measures. But it is not an easy task. Although there is a wide variety in mass production's models, it always the same; when you find one that you thing is perfect, then you realize that it does not fit you well when you try it on and you have to start searching again. So, to avoid the stress that produces the research of perfect suits for men and getting a flawless look, the best option is to opt for tailored suits online. In this way, you obtain a suit made exclusively thought for your body measures, ensuring that it will fit you perfectly and with which you are allowed to choose from the fabric until the last details, so it will be as you had in mind. Furthermore, nobody will dress like you because you will wear a unique an exclusive suit.

But, why are you waiting to have a special event or a ceremony to dress in an exclusive way and adapted to your liking and to your body? Nowadays, mass production seems to be the only reserved fashion for every day. But there is no reason for it to be like this: thanks to new technologies, Blackpier exists; an online tailored clothing store with similar prices to department stores. For the same price, you have a unique set adapted to your preferences. Encourage yourself to discover and to try our tailored suits for your everyday life. You will discover a comfort and exclusivity feeling that will make you see fashion from a different perspective.

In Blackpier's tailoring shop you will be able to choose between more than 20 different suit models thought for all the occasions. We only work with high quality wool and cashemere fabrics. Fabrics yarn range from super 100 to 120, being these the recommended fabrics for optimal use of the suit for your evevyday life and for special occasions.

We make it easy. Choose the fabric, the design and to the last detail of your perfect fit suit. Add exclusive visible signs of tailored clothing like the embroidery for your initials in the reverse of the jacket or a stitching for the edge of your lapels.

Tailored suits Blackpier transfers you quality and exclusiveness

Blackpier offers the option to customize all the details of costume, the buyer taste are the most important thing, giving an easy way at buy with competitive prices. You can ask for your tailored suit giving details of your measure (height, weight, age…), the colours which you want, cloth of thesuit…

On the website this appear in different paragraphs followed, first you can select the clothes, at second screen choose the design, and in the third screen you can do the costume customization. You can see at the second in your PC one sample of the cloth and colour selected, besides the price. Also, you can see on the website some things, for example the suitable weather to dress the costume, social events which you should wear the suit, etc.

But not you can only customize in Blackpier. This firm is known for the high quality, is the principal idea when it was founded, when you wear a costume of this brand, you are the one. Blackpier is looking for the distinction of their costumers, who want to excel in life. If you wear a dress that makes feel better, you have more probabilities to get success.

In addition to distinction and smartness, these tailored suits highlights because have a great quality because are handmade, paying attention at smalls details. The satisfaction of costumers is one of the main ideas of the company.

As you can see, suits provide comfort, elegance and safety. Besides competitive prices, you can avoid go to the physical store and lost the time looking for a suit that you don’t want to buy because isn’t the suit you have in your head. To take measures, there are videos which explain perfectly how you have to take that without problem. After that, you put the measures in the gaps and click next. If you prefer, you can go to the Blackpier’s stores where there are tailors who take your measures without costs.

Parts of a suit

People who knows about suits knows that men suits are more than a simple thing to wear, costumes stand for a way to be and smartness style. So, a suit must to consist of a jacket and bags, if the suit is of two pieces, or jacket, bag and waistcoat if the suit is of three pieces. As already mentioned, you can personalize your costume to detail. Well, items you can change are: the collar, the notching, the flaps, the buttons, and large number of things that form the suit. Choose the buttons of the jacket and bags you prefer to be more comfortable.

If you prefer a costume of three pieces, you have the possibility to change the style of waistcoats. You can change the sewing, the buttons and finally, the style of pockets. All features that a men suit could have, you can modify it.

One of the elements which show class and power are the name initials. You can put your name initials with different typography if you desire. Apart from visible part of tailored suit, we should to talk about inside of thereof: jacket lining and the waistcoat. It’s essential that both parts marry up to show class, and have a correct order of the suits elements to get a perfect dress.

Ultimately, as to parts of a costume, we talk about shirts and a few details. The shirts are known because have a lot of choice of collar: English, Italian, rounded… Details can be a pocket to put a hanky (having a colour contrast with jacket), and a pocket to place a small clock, holding the string. Combine all these elements is essential to wear a smart style, and have a perfect image.

Fashion Tips

After this explanation to show the different parts that have a custom made suit, we can talk now about the last trend in the world of fashion, and what have to say about costumes.

Generally, the trend of 2014 has not changed so much compared with 2013. At spring and summer the weather is warmer than at autumn and winter, so we should to wear a different style. In spring and summer are better wear blue hues, and if is possible, combine them (blue intense and cerulean), and combine too with white. If you can mix these hues, you have a nice suit to shine at spring and summer season.

To wear at autumn and winter, fashion trending says that you should dress grey suits, which you can mix with any colour of shirt. Another style of costume is print suits, these suits mustn’t be striking, should be pinstripe or plaid suits. The colour of both styles should be classic, like blue, grey, and black.

Striped suits above all have been a great success this year, style which powerful firms are showing in their showcases. In this style, mainly people dress tailored suits consisting in three pieces (with waistcoat).

Another fashion style is the ‘slim fit’, this way to dress makes your silhouettemore stylized because is a thighter body suit. These costume you should it wear with dark colours, but above black and navy blue.

To complement the dress, we must to think choose between belt and braces, either one has been their historic moment. The belts are better to thins bodies, separates the body in two parts, and you should to dress an easy style and a simple buckle. If instead you prefer braces, you should to keep a sober style. Braces are better to big bodies, makes their silhouette taller. The most important thing is that you can’t wear both things at the same time.

But if you prefer a easy way to choose the design of your tailored suit, don’t complicate the decision and take the most classic colour: the black. Black suits isn’t the last fashion trend, but always is a good option, because is a timeless way to wear. You will have an impeccable image.

Get exclusiveness just clicking

Definitely, imagine the possibilities that Blackpier offer, knowing already what says the world of trending, and what parts you can modify of suits. You can check totally how custom suits of Blackpier had got excellent famous and why so much people decide to trust in this firm. When you talk with your friends about your suit, you could tell them during hours either one of choices you have made, seeming a professional tailor.

It’s true that status is reached with time and big efforts, but if you wear a suit of this store, this status will be easier to reach. The quality of tissues and the exclusiveness provides you an amazing lot of self confidence. Your suit will be a signal of distinction in any social event: at work, at a wedding, in a company dinner and any more situations.

You will receive your tailored suit at home within 15 days. We ship worldwide.